The SoundMind Project is a nonprofit organization aimed at creating innovative solutions to pressing healthcare needs. We have a special focus on neuroscience and mental health, both for clinical groups and the general population. We use tools such as technology, mindfulness, and art to create novel products and disseminate information.

Our headquarters is in Philadelphia, PA, and we place a strong emphasis on involvement in our local community.  We also have projects throughout the world including in Brazil, Jamaica, and Bhutan.

Farrah Mateen and Chencho Dorje of the Bhutan Epilepsy Project

Featured Projects

This series of animations present a small number of dilemmas that are components of health priority-setting decisions in a wide variety of contexts. The presentations are non-directive and audience responses to the dilemmas are never uniform. Discussion of each of these dilemmas can easily expand to two hours or more. Our hope is that by identifying the ethical elements of health priority-setting, by careful consideration of opposing proposed solutions, and by attention to the arguments offered for and against these alternatives, decision-makers will be enabled to make priority-setting decisions that are not compromised by insufficient ethical reflection.

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This is the first in a series of videos exploring the stigma of epilepsy and the international conceptions of neurologic disease – attitudes, perceptions, and understanding of these disorders worldwide. We have also explored Neurologic conditions in Tanzania, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bhutan, as well as various regions of the U.S. and Canada. Stay tuned for more videos!

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Doctors with Dyslexia offers free services such as providing educational pamphlets physicians and other healthcare professionals may distribute to their colleagues and supervisors, a mentorship program to pair physicians-in-training to be matched up with physicians in their specialty of interest, and we also provide grants to facilitate more learning-friendly work environments.

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