Our brain can think without language – how is that possible?

A study at University of Pennsylvania suggests that the organization of a neural system is capable of representing meaning without language. This means that verbal representations are not essential to represent abstract semantics – and that there is a lot more about the brain that we do not know! We are looking forward to more work by Dr. Chatterjee and …

Diabetes and Stroke: Towards a Model of Primary Prevention in Neurology

troke is a significant public health concern: it is the second leading cause of death worldwide, and is a leading cause of permanent disability.  A population that has a particularly high risk for stroke is diabetics: in fact, one in eight diabetics will eventually suffer from a stroke, and having diabetes doubles one’s risk for stroke. Diabetes is highly prevalent …

Print our Diabetes Comics

The Dica De Diabetes project published one of these comics weekly for a year in O’Jornal, a free Portuguese newspaper in Fall River, MA. You can now print out the entire year of comics to use as daily reminders. [soliloquy id=”2094″]

Stroke Prevention

Diabetes is a major risk factor for stroke. Check out our diabetes awareness campaign, which has been translated into Portuguese and is currently appearing in a free newspaper in Fall River, MA. More info on the project here.