Who We Are

SoundMind Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2010 with a focus on integrative medicine and psychedelics for health and wellness. We have a particular focus on underserved and marginalized populations in the US and abroad. SoundMind Project is a nonprofit affiliate of SoundMind Institute, which provides facilitator training and psychedelic treatment. In 2018 SoundMind Project began focusing more exclusively on psychedelic medicine to heal wounds of intergenerational trauma, with an emphasis on indigenous reciprocity and populations holding the highest burdens of trauma and marginalization.

Since that time, we have provided educational scholarships for psychedelic training, created high quality educational content about psychedelics and mental health, and worked on accessible treatment protocols. Our humanitarian efforts span from Jamaica to Nepal and focus on culturally sensitive and accessible group-based psychedelic protocols. 

Your support helps us document the psychedelic healing of veterans, subsidizes training for SoundMind's Peer KAP Training program for veterans and BIPOC with PTSD, offers scholarships to LBTQ+, BIPOC, and neurodiverse facilitators-in-training.

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