The Rich Hiring Ambulance-Taxis: Is this ethical?

In SoundMind Blog by Hannah McLane

In Bangladesh those who can afford it hire ambulances to get around during political protests that can turn violent unexpectedly. Given the political situation, this doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Who would attack an ambulance after all?


Hiring an ambulance only costs the equivalent of $3.00 to get across town.  Since last month over 20 people have died in the capital city of Bangladesh, and there is no sign it will let up anytime soon.  Vehicles are targeted with arson and explosives – so it makes sense to either walk, or if you can afford it to hire out a vehicle no one would choose to attack — and ambulance.

But what about the sick and injured people who might need this ambulance to get to a hospital? And there must be a limited number of people that can use this technique before the arsonists catch on.

But what to do if locals insist on this as a mode of transport?Violence and unrest have been worsening, and at least eight people, including three teens, were killed and scores injured in violence in different districts across the country yesterday, the fourth day of the 131-hour opposition blockade.