An MDMA Clinic for West Philly

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This is exciting news! If you’ve been following the story, there have been huge advancements lately in the effort to establish MDMA assisted psychotherapy as a safe, legal, and effective treatment for PTSD. You can read more about that here. The phase 3 trials are underway, and we are hopeful to offer the treatment protocol as an Expanded Access clinic, pending FDA approval. Dr. Hannah McLane has been training directly with MAPS, and is spearheading the development of a clinic to provide this treatment in West Philadelphia. We are thrilled to be part of this work, and even more excited by the possibility to bring this incredible treatment to individuals suffering from PTSD. We will have more updates in the coming months, but in the meantime please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to be involved!

You can check out the website for the SoundMind Center here

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