Psychedelic Trauma Healing in 2021: Let’s Do it!

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Join SoundMind as we build a clinic to bring psychedelic medicine to all at a time when healing is most needed.

The Challenge

As we brace for a new year which promises a slow but steady reduction of COVID-19 infection rates, we begin to assess the traumatic mental health effects that the pandemic left in its wake. This is an enormous task— one that will likely take years to address. Frontline healthcare workers who have been fighting COVID-19 for the majority of the past year and patients intubated in ICUs due to COVID-19 have a PTSD rate of up to 35% (read more here).

The Solution

PTSD is notoriously hard to treat and debilitating for many. MDMA-assisted psychotherapy has been designated by the FDA to be a breakthrough therapy for PTSD and we look forward to being one of the first clinics in the nation to offer this groundbreaking treatment. Studies so far have shown that two-thirds of patients no longer meet criteria for PTSD at one-year follow-up after treatment. Learn more about MDMA for PTSD here.

Our Role

The SoundMind clinic is in West Philadelphia and the building was built in 1910. Today it stands filled with history and many of the original features still intact. It was used by the University of Pennsylvania for the last 20 years as a family medicine clinic and was purchased by us last spring to be an East-Coast hub for psychedelic medicine treatment and psychedelic therapist training.

The space will have three on-site apartments for overnight stays after psychedelic healing treatments, as well as 8 clinical offices:

Several more spaces will be completed in 2021, including a therapist lounge, accessible treatment area, and a wheelchair-accessible apartment with a ramp entrance.

The front and back yards will be developed into herbal-medicinal gardens to educate the public and patients who are treated in the clinic:

We can’t wait to build out this healing space and hope that you continue to be involved in our efforts. We are looking to raise $100,000 in 2021 to finish out renovation and ask you to consider donating today!

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