Psychedelics and Identity Initiative

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Over the past year, SoundMind has begun to put together a diverse team of individuals who have benefited enormously from psychedelics to shape their sexuality or gender identity and want to lead the charge in this regard.

What does this look like? It can look like going into a medicine journey and realizing you identify as gay. Maybe going through a journey and realizing you’re questioning your gender identity. Or perhaps it is realizing you’re interested in a different form of relationship structure than you are in currently.

When this happens, having a supportive environment around you to exit and emerge from the journey is of utmost importance.

SoundMind Institute is designing retreat protocols to be used in groups to help explore these aspects of personal identity and training facilitators looking to specialize in this area. This includes learning how to support others in gender transitions, relationship changes, or other ways to move forward in their lives that are different than their current life. As part of this effort, SoundMind Project is funding the creation of educational materials for clinicians to support these transitions or explorations.

If you are interested in directly supporting our public education efforts or the care of LGBTQIA individuals at SoundMind, consider donating here.

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