Dr. Chris Stauffer – MDMA-assisted psychotherapy; Inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people in the frontiers of PTSD treatment trials

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We are so proud of Dr. Chris Stauffer, SoundMind Instructor and Advisor to the SoundMind Gender Identity and Psychedelics Initiative for this seminal article on MDMA therapy with transgender clients. This is the first article of its kind and published in Frontiers of Psychiatry.

As we have discussed in the SoundMind Identity Initiative. Often aspects of gender identity can come up in psychedelic sessions. Additionally, medical settings are often not mindful of how to be gender-affirming for these clients. See SoundMind’s Guide on this topic for more information about our initiative!

A key takeaway from Chris Stauffer’s article entitled “MDMA-assisted psychotherapy” is that “Targeted interventions are urgently needed to address health and health care disparities among [transgender] TGD people, who have historically been excluded from PTSD intervention research. By including TGD people early in the research design and planning phase, this study aims to promote equitable and safe implementation of experimental PTSD intervention research.”

To read Dr. Stauffer’s full publication and learn more about his work, download the article from here

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